Building a Creative Workspace Together

Mar, 2023

Do you feel uninspired when approaching projects? Is having a creative workspace something that can make all the difference to jumpstarting team collaboration and success? Garaj was founded with just this idea in mind – that working together can be made easier, faster and more productive in an inspiring environment.

On the journey of building Garaj, founder Memz, aimed to create a place for innovation where people could blossom creatively. In this blog post we’re exploring how Garaj was created through dedication, hard work and collaboration!

The Vision

Garaj is building a new digital agency in Melbourne’s North. Led by Memz and his vision for creativity, design, transparency and growth, there are many other team member that are at the cohesive core of the Garaj team. Together they can taking on design and problem-solving challenges with creativity and drive. Working tirelessly to provide only the best user experiences, their efforts have propelled Garaj from a vision to reality—with more exciting growth ahead.

Bringing Jade on board: from Sales Admin to Business Manager

Memz was ecstatic to bring Jade on board and observe her transition from Sales Admin to Business Manager. Not only did Jade bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of sales, but she also demonstrated strong organisational and leadership skills to help manage Garaj’s business operations more effectively.

With Memz directing the strategy for growth and Millie coming on board to ensure a stable workflow, Jade takes pride in developing effective relations with clients and playing a key role in cultivating an excellent creative workspace. We’re excited to watch her thrive in this new position within our team!

What’s a team without a PM!

As the team at Garaj started to come together, they quickly realized that one important puzzle piece was missing – a project manager to ensure the collaboration runs smoothly. This is where Millie comes in! With her extensive experience in educational project management and understanding of process-oriented tasks, she has become an indispensable part of the Garaj crew.

Identifying the Need for a Creative Workspace – Coburg Studios

When Memz, Jade and Millie first started building their workspace at Coburg Studios, they knew one thing for certain: the need for a creative workspace was there. They saw an opportunity to collaborate and build off each other’s ideas, a chance to create something unique. As they got to work putting together the pieces that would become Coburg Studios, they quickly realized just how much of a difference it would make.

By providing a conducive atmosphere to inspire creativity, Garaj quickly became the place where brilliant minds came together. From this amazing joint effort comes Garaj’s insightful philosophy and cutting-edge technology, dedicated to fostering productivity in today’s demanding business climate.

Then, we painted murals

At Garaj, collaboration is an integral part of our workspace being one that’s creative and inspiring. Memz, Jade, and Millie all had their own ideas on how to enhance the atmosphere in the office – whether that was through furniture and layout or artwork. When Millie volunteered to paint a mural, everyone was on board immediately. It truly created a space for us to come together, cultivate meaningful conversations and uplifting experiences that are reflected in our final designs at Garaj.

Mural to SMM journey – Brand Management

Brand Manager Judit recently took the amazing mural that was made by Millie and crafted something truly unique with it – a SMM journey. Her creativity allowed her to take the artwork and turn it into something exciting and engaging for our audience – one that’s worth following!

With this SMM journey, Judit has managed to capture the creativity of the mural in a way that allows us to show off what we are about as a company which is proudly building a creative workspace together. It is also allowing Judit to demonstrate her skills as a Brand Manager; she is really showcasing how working closely with colleagues can create interesting possibilities.

In conclusion, it all started with Memz’s vision of a digital agency that would foster creativity, design, transparency and growth. With the bringing on board of Jade’s leadership and Millie’s project management skills, the team were able to finally identify and bridge the need for a creative workspace – Coburg Studios!

Everyone at Garaj is committed to building something more than just a creative workspace, they’re here to give people space in which they can live out their passion.

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