Digital marketing is a very important issue for both physical stores and e-commerce companies. When done correctly, it is very effective in increasing brand and product awareness by reaching different target audiences. However, there is also a lot of misinformation about digital marketing. Due to this wrong information, sometimes companies cannot set up their digital marketing strategies correctly. In this guide, we will be focusing on misinformation about digital marketing.

“Digital marketing alone is enough”

While digital marketing is important, it needs to be incorporated into marketing efforts in general. Digital marketing alone may not be enough. You should support your digital marketing efforts with your other marketing efforts. Digital marketing efforts alone will not be enough.

“Content marketing is not so important”

Contrary to popular belief, content marketing studies have an important role in digital marketing. In order to support digital marketing efforts, you must have quality content on your site about your products, services and work. Doing quality content marketing studies on a regular basis both increases the page value of your site in search engines and helps to create content related to your brand to interact with consumers.

Producing engaging content allows your followers to interact with your brand and contribute to word-of-mouth marketing by sharing your content.

“One social media account is enough”

Today, the areas where internet users spend most of their time are social media. The fact that there are different target audiences on different social platforms does not make a single social media sufficient for brands. Although the idea of ​​being in all channels is difficult, especially for small companies, being involved in more than one social media with high interaction and user numbers and where the target audience of the brand is located allows more efficient work on social media marketing.

“Personalisation is unnecessary”

Making personalization studies in digital marketing studies was not easy until a few years ago; however, it is possible to direct more personal messages to users in digital marketing studies with the right software and tools. Personalization is a feature that can take companies one step ahead of their competitors. Today, online shoppers or those considering doing so expect more personalized recommendations to be made, and therefore personalized advertisements and deals attract more attention from online shoppers.

“SEO is a one-time effort”

One of the misconceptions is that SEO studies are considered as one-time works. Many companies think that the SEO practices made during the installation of the site will be sufficient; but the truth of the matter is not so. SEO is an application that needs to be developed continuously and it is necessary to make periodic changes on the site, make different SEO applications on new pages, and follow internal and external referral links. One-time SEO increases the page value of your site for a certain period of time; but it doesn’t have much effect when it’s not continuous.

“My competition is not on the internet; so I don’t need to do these studies”

In particular, physical stores may have difficulty in maintaining a presence on the internet. Since they think that competition does not exist in the internet environment, they do not conduct digital marketing studies themselves. However, in this case, companies that have an online presence and carry out digital marketing activities can find the opportunity to reach people who are looking for these products on the internet as a pioneer in the sector. For this reason, regardless of whether your job is physical or online, being in the digital environment gives you advantages.