Opening To Life x Garaj

Aug, 2023

Have you been spying the different clients that Garaj works with and feel curious to find out more? In this blog post we want to spotlight our valued client Opening to Life’s, Anna Papadakis. Building her business in a very niche sector meant that having a strong online presence was crucial for her business’ success. That’s where Garaj came in. Read further to find out how Garaj helped Anna save money, streamline processes, build strong relationships, and stand out from her competitors.

More for less

Anna Papadakis has dedicated her career to the health field, and Opening to Life is yet another chapter in her journey. With over 10 years of experience, Anna has transitioned from being a birth educator to providing a tailored placenta encapsulation service. Her goal is to differentiate Opening to Life by delivering high-quality results and value for money. Specifically, she offers placenta encapsulation to mothers seeking to enhance their post-natal experience.
To expand awareness and accessibility, Anna chose Garaj as the ideal agency to achieve her goals. We reduced her website hosting and email service costs by switching to a more cost-effective plan. The immediate savings were evident, allowing her to rely on us for business growth. Additionally, the website booking process was automated, streamlining processes and adding value to the purchase experience. We also developed and maintained a strong website for Opening to Life, showcasing the brand. An automated message chat bot captures new leads on the site.
With these improvements, Anna can now focus on providing high-quality services without getting stuck in the booking process. This efficiency allows her business to compete without compromising service quality.

Local support and collaboration

At Garaj, we highly value establishing a local presence in Melbourne. This allows us to provide personalized support and foster strong relationships with our clients. Anna from Opening to Life is no exception. Our success collaborating together came down to a deep understanding of her unique business’ needs and goals. We take pride in tailoring our suggestions to each client, recognizing the diversity of businesses in our portfolio.
Anna acknowledges that building trust and investing time in relationships can be challenging. However, with Garaj, she felt reassured knowing that we genuinely cared about our clients. She trusts the individuals she works with at Garaj, as they take the time to truly comprehend her business and demonstrate a genuine interest in her objectives.
As a sole trader, Anna no longer feels alone. She can rely on Garaj for support, collaboration, and brainstorming ideas whenever she needs it. This aligns perfectly with Anna’s own business model, where she prefers having her entire team close by as frequently as possible. It’s a warm and friendly approach, just like Garaj.

Advice for those interested

Explore all of the benefits that you can from working with a full stack agency like Garaj. They offer a wide variety of services, including lots of options for when you’re ready to take the next step. Anna found that having someone else invest time and energy into the brand rejuvenated her own investment in Opening to Life.
We encourage businesses to explore Garaj’s wide variety of services and have open conversations to get the best ideas for their own business needs. With the right support, businesses can succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape and reach your goals online.