Pawsuit Happiness

Pawsuit Happiness is a Melbourne based dog walking and sleepover business run by Elena Caputo! Providing a safe, fun and stress free experience for both you and your furry friend, Elena will be just like your dog’s auntie.

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Pawsuit Happiness
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Ciao! I’m Elena, a passionate Italian who arrived in Melbourne a decade ago and decided to make it my home.

However, it didn’t truly feel like home until I was able to bring dogs back into my daily routine. For me, dogs are more than a passion, they are a fundamental part of my life. Understanding and communicating with them is my natural gift.

Elena Caputo

Garaj was asked to create Pawsuit Happiness’s first website. We worked closely with Elena to develop a website that accurately showcased her brand values, while also providing users with all the information they needed about her services and prices. From here, we kept expanding. Next, we designed new business cards and promotional flyers for Pawsuit Happiness and then moved into ongoing marketing support with social media posts, advertising and SEO optimisations. We are looking forward to seeing Pawsuit Happiness grow and succeed!