If there is one thing that is generally accepted in marketing, it is that almost all brands are there. The development of social media and the fact that people spend time in these channels ensure that all brands are there. Thus, companies with brands try to do many things in order to stand out from other brands in these communities. Today, in this article, we will tell you how you can grow faster by giving you a few tips to do while managing your social media account. Reply to comments.

This tip is valid on all social media platforms. If there are comments under the posts you share, reply to them. All the comments you write by asking questions in the comment section will carry the interaction much higher, and in this way, you will share a post with high interaction on social media platforms. In this way, when you increase the comments even more, you will be able to move the balance upwards and create a much higher quality sharing perception. Share in short sentences.

Especially this detail is much more critical for LinkedIn accounts. When you share with short sentences, you can show the following article to the person who attracts attention, as LinkedIn will put a see more button on your post. When you write a key short sentence or two, you’re more likely to show the “see more” section for the rest of the article. Do not advertise your business!

There is a fact that no one likes to be sold to them. We should never forget this in any environment. This also applies to social media. When you make posts that advertise to everyone and make it permanent, you are not a part of social media and no one calls you an account with a sauce. Posting something outside of your work a few times a week means they place more value on your account. Use the swipe up feature.

This feature is a detail on Instagram and Facebook. Sharing a blog post you have made or a new service detail or a video you uploaded to your YouTube channel with the swipe up feature increases your interaction much more. Especially when you share the new bit that you wrote on your website with the swipe up feature from your social media account, you can get traffic to your site from many different media and contribute to SEO. Direct accounts to each other.

If you have a certain number of followers on your Facebook or Instagram account, direct them to your other accounts. With posts such as “Don’t forget to follow my Twitter account”, guide your accounts that are in different channels and that have more followers by supporting them with your strong accounts. Or get help from us and Garaj will manage your social media in the best way!